This Is Why I Ride


I remember going through an interesting article a few weeks back in Overdrive. It was named “This is why I ride” and has been typed in by maestro Shubhabrata Marmar. Although I have always appreciated every article he has put forth, I have probably never felt more connected to any other article before. I have been asked a few times by different people: “What is it that you love about riding a motorcycle?”, and surprisingly I have never been able to justify my emotions. As I read the article I felt for the first time that some of my thoughts and emotions are getting truly reflected in maestro’s words.

 Really, what is it about riding a motorcycle that I love?

 My problem in answering the above lies in the fact that as soon as this question comes a lot goes on in my mind which cloud the essence; things like learning, leaning, overtaking, crouching, weaving, speed, aggression, adrenaline etc. hide the facts like fun, experience, memories, freedom and many others. In retrospect I think the physical attributes of riding eclipse its not-so-physical side. It is true that the power and torque ratings of the engine, the balance of chassis, the setup of suspension, the riding geometry and all the physics that go into making a phenomenal accelerating and stopping mechanical beast is one indispensable side to a great riding experience, but it is JUST one side. The other is where one adds the human element to the engineering marvel. This tiny addition brings that all important “feel” to the equation and that makes such a world of difference. Even at the pinnacle of two-wheeled engineering: the MotoGP, it is well known that no two riders ride the same machine in exactly the same way. It stands true in the world of F1 too. Similary, no rider can ride two fundamentally similar machines in an identical fashion. This inherent mix-and-match characteristic makes each and every ride that much more unique and guarantees that every time I swing my legs over my motorcycle it will deliver a fresh experience. There lies no “beaten path” in the two-wheeled realm. Every inch of road that passes beneath those set of tires is new.

 And who does not love new things?…I hope I have feathered the answer to the question above. I definitely cannot nail it. It cannot be put into words. It is a “feel”ing.

 Now that I look back to what I have written above I can see that I have strayed a long way from what I intended to write. That probably sums up the whole what-I-love-about-riding thing. I never know what I will start with and where I will end up, and the road taken along the way may as well be a discovery.

 The world is still big for people on two wheels…


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