Apologies are in order I suppose; firstly, to myself as I had promised to stick to this blog to record my own experiences and thoughts, and secondly, to all those fellow nomads who happened to stumble upon these nuggets of awesomeness (self-proclaimed).

Why is it that I am posting an update after such a long time? Did I forget my password? Or did I relocate to Pluto where, c’mon face it, WordPress is not exactly accessible? Or worse still, did I hit a traffic sign head-on, while navigating on my ‘smart’ phone, and lose all my memories?

Ah! No. I was simply putting my life in order. Considering the time it took me to do that, you may guess how important and how much of an investment it has been for me.

BUT NOW AM BACK IN BLACK! (yeah! play the tune in your mind to feel the moment)

In the time I was lost in The Matrix, I went on a trip to the Mecca of motorcycle touring in India: Leh – Ladakh, managed an iron-hold on my future and secured my MBA dreams in the US (more on that much later), crashed off my bike once more during a solo trip, followed the MotoGP and F1 seasons to the end and made a few new friends.

As this post is like homecoming to me, I am going to leave as I share a glimpse of what this blog will see in the days to come.

Adios amigos! Go out and make smiles.

Legend has it monks in ancient times had an extra monastery and lots of Super Glue___they used the glue and stuck the monastery to an abandoned cliff _P_PS_ Don't believe me _D

Our ride B-)_Phuentsholing to Thimphu (Day 2)



10428153_859509864060998_6871533982655978732_o  10428163_859511624060822_6334974129645456301_o



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